Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Exercises are one of the solution. But I will like to tell you loose or tight vagina is a myth only, Naturally it is a slit type of opening whose walls are opposed to one another just making it a slit but nature has made it so lax to accommodate any size of dick for a good sex, if you think both the partner will enjoy more in a tight vagina, it is not the fact.

This is a very common problem for women who have given birth. Thankfully, there are many exercises you can do to restore your vagina's elasticity — for example, Kegel exercises. Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor — and your pelvic muscles are the backbone of your sexual response. You can find your Kegel muscles by inserting a finger into your vagina and then tightening the muscles around it, or you can locate the muscles you use to stop urine midstream. Begin squeezing these muscles on a regular basis, first with slow repetitions, then with faster repetitions.

The best part about Kegels is that you can do them anywhere — in the car, during a boring meeting, or even when lying in bed. You can also purchase certain products, such as pelvic exercisers, to help with your Kegels: You insert a pelvic exerciser into your vagina and then clench your muscles around it — in time you will even be able to do this while standing up! Just be sure to incorporate Kegels into your daily routine.

There are many other great "exercises" you can do, too, including yoga positions, that can strengthen your pelvic floor and heighten your sexual response. Keep an eye out for "Corelates," my new sexercise video, which will be available in a few months. It is a guide to help women find and strengthen their pelvic muscles for great sex.

Finally, although surgery is always an option to tighten a loose vagina, I have found that most complaints related to this issue can be solved by a few pelvic exercises — so get out there and start practicing!


  1. Thank you once again.As for your vagina tightening, more advices like the internal pelvic exercises of opening and closing can do great wonders.
    See how it works :Lie down with your backs on bed.Straighten your legs at lenght.Then, start the contraction - expansion ,internal exercise of your vaginal muscles.When you contract your muscles, hold the contraction for some minutes,then release,hol to contract,release.Repeat this as often as you can. Later, you also can do the same exercise, even while on walk.This , not only tighten your vagina, but also your utero .Specially for lactant women .
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