Friday, October 16, 2009

QUIT SMOKING naturally and detox your body at once- part 2

step 15
Are you ready to quit? You have to quit because YOU really want to quit. You have to quit for that reason alone to guarantee your success. You can't quit because somebody else wants you to (like your wife or doctor). You can't quit because your under pressure to do so ( "we can all quit together!" ) You can't quit because you can't afford to keep smoking either. You want to know why these things don't work? Because deep down inside we all feel like we deserve to be happy. We all want to please ourselves not disappoint ourselves. If you feel like your only doing something because someone else wants you to, your more likely to rebel when your feeling bad (or having cravings). WANT TO QUIT BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY! You will be happier, you'll have more energy, your skin will clear up and glow, and the fresh air around you will be revitalizing.
Do this for YOU! If you want this for yourself you wont have any guilt or bad feelings about it. You won't feel like your withholding something from yourself. Your giving yourself a gift of a better life. Are you ready to quit?

step 16
Still not sure if your quitting for the right reason? It's okay, use some practise quitting techniques. You can practise quitting by setting some limitations on your current smoking habits. Be reasonable you never want to feel deprived If you currently smoke in your house only smoke outside. DO NOT SMOKE IN YOUR BEDROOM! Pick another place in the house preferably somewhere that has an exhaust fan. If you smoke in your car, don't anymore. Creating these smoke-free areas helps you to get ready for what's up ahead. I recommend thoroughly cleaning the areas as you make them smoke free. Wash your curtains, Febreze your couch, shampoo your carpets, clean out your car. You will begin to notice the difference in air quality between smoking and non smoking areas.

Step 17
Post a humorus sign on your door. This is great if you have roommates.
This next step may sound unrelated but it's very important that you do it. Redecorate your room. Yes that's right take a look at your room and make sure that it's the safe comfortable hideaway that it should be. There shouldn't be anything in your room that you don't like. (If you can't stand your wife's knife collection help her relocate it to another room.) If there is even a picture of you that you don't think you look good in get it out of your room. If you have children I recommend not letting them in your room or make it a rare occasion. Guests that come to your house shouldn't be in your room either. Your room is your place, no one can bother you there. Make sure the curtains are clean and in a style or pattern you like. The same with the bed covers. Move things around in there just to make it look different, MARK THE CHANGE.
You can do the same thing with your car. If you share a room with someone your car might be your only personal space, but do your best with your half of the room.

Step 18
Stay smiling-Know that you are doing the right thing.
Another way to practice quitting is to say "no" when people invite you to smoke with them. This is a hard one because your friends might feel rejected. Just tell them you already had one. Try to separate the social interaction from the habit of smoking. Sit with your friends when they are not smoking and call them more than you visit. Smoking friends always think that their quitting friends think they are better than they are, so let them know your quitting has nothing to do with your friendship. It helps to reinforce your readiness to quit by enlisting the help of others. People don't even have to know that they are helping you if you follow the next step.

Step 19
When ever you smell smoke of any kind (even from the BBQ) turn up your nose like you smell a fart and say "what's that smell?" When you walk in on your friends smoking tell them it makes you dizzy and move away from them. Your friends won't want to make you uncomfortable and often they just won't smoke when your around.

Step 20
You can do it throw them out!
The next step is the hardest for most people. This is the part that requires strength. This is the part that most people can't get past. This is the part were you ACTUALLY STOP SMOKING. No more, not even one. Pretend it makes you sick to even see or smell other people smoking this will help keep people from smoking around you. Don't laugh at this step because some people actually do get sick just smelling cigarette smoke.

Step 21
The next step is to cleanse your body. You want to get through the withdrawal stage as fast as you can so you want to get all the nicotine out of your body as fast as you can. Do this by drinking Detoxifing tea. You don't have to spend a fortune at a vitamin shop. Most super stores, like Walmart, have cleansing teas with the other stuff in their vitamin section. You can also get some at You can get a box of tea for less than a pack of cigarettes and this is better for you too.

Step 22
If you don't mind doing a little reading you can check which teas have similar ingredients to the detox tea. Some cleansing teas aren't labeled as detox tea just because they sell better with another name. You will want to drink about two cups per day for at least a week. I recommend two weeks but you can drink it for a longer period of time if your trying to loose weight. PLEASE TELL YOUR DOCTOR that your taking detox tea. This tea could prevent your body from absorbing any medication you are taking. Show your doctor the label of the tea you are taking (or you can print up the one shown here if you are buying the detox tea from tripleleaf-tea)

Step 23
Replace your former habit. Think of smoking as a hobby and pick a new one. Talk about your new hobby all the time and share it with everyone you know. Be fascinated by it, obsess about it, really get into your new hobby. Make it something you really enjoy. Maybe you only smoked so you could get away from everyone or be outside, pick an outdoor hobby. Maybe smoking was the one thing you did for yourself that you felt like nobody else could take that away from you. Do something for yourself regularly like have your nails done, or buy an upgrade for your car or bike. The more involved you are in your new hobby the better your stay smoke free success will be. Read up about it, go online, ask your friends, be really involved in your new hobby.

step 24
The final step is eat healthy. When your body is lacking nutrients it tells you by sending you cravings. It is very easy to confuse the craving messages that you get. (You may think your craving a cigarette)
Try to avoid caffeine. That means coffee, chocolate and soda not at all or in very small amounts(like only one of these per day, and only one serving). Caffeine and nicotine have similar effects on the body. Because they are addictive and you don't want to get your cravings confused, it's best to avoid caffeine until you are sure you don't even want a cigarette.
Taking a multi-vitamin helps but if your like me and don't like taking pills everyday try a well-ness tea. My favorite is Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Complete Care Wellness Tea. It tastes great hot or iced and it's caffeine free! I drink this all the time instead of coffee.
Eat sensibly and I believe you will stay smoke free.


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