Monday, August 3, 2009


So many people deceive themselves by saying God has to decide,God have already allowed you to choose,for instance someone is sick and were given some medicine,the person will not say i will not drink medicine because God has to decide for me,if you think like this ,you will end up decieving yourselve,
they are two ways to choose your sex baby. but we are going to emphases on one method here. before the upset of the pregnancy. a prior selection of the appropriate sperm to fertilize the egg may yield the sex. male or female bearing sperm so selected could be the female producing or X bearing sperm or the male producing or Y bearing sperm. the method is hundred percent reliable. for example a male child is desire, washing the vagina with alkaline solution just before intercourse will help the Y bearing sperm to move faster to reach the ovum which is fertilizes producing a male child. on the other side if a female child is desire intercourse which coincides exactly with the time of ovulation will favour the pregnancy of a female baby. if this instruction is correctly carried out. you will be glad to see the amazing result and you will be convince that it is possible to choose the sex of your unborn baby.

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